Welcome to the server website. Here you can find the Forums and Rules. To find the rules look next to this fpr the forums click the forums button right bellow this. This server is a PERP server so basicly you RP (Role Play) and follow the rules to know how to RP we made this server because we feel you People who play Gmod need a server that is great with awesome staff and also fun to play on. Forums


1. Do not RDM (Random Death Match) or CDM (Car Death Match) for any reason. This includes killing someone for a reason outside of RP AKA Revenge, Being An Ass, or anything in that Category.

2. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule). New Life Rule applies every time you die, and lasts for 300 seconds. You have no memory of your previous life unless revived by a medic or otherwise and cannot return to the place of your death until the NLR time period runs out, regardless of any possible event.

3. No metagaming. Metagaming means using in character (IC) information to out of character (OOC) chat or any other outside source.

4. No punch-whoring (excessive random punching of players). Do not randomly hit people with your fists or a bat for no reason.

5. Vehicle climbing or people stacking is not allowed unless it is able to be done realistically. You cannot use props, vehicles, or people in order to reach a part of the map you would not normally be able to reach. Also, you cannot make ramps to see over certain areas while basing and you cannot jump onto the roof or awnings of shops.

6. Prop surfing, climbing, pushing, boosting and blocking are strictly prohibited. Meaning, you cannot use props to gain access to places you normally wouldn't be able to access.

7. Suiciding/disconnecting to avoid RP/admin action is strictly prohibited.

8. Bases may not be built to force a person to crouch or jump to enter.

9. Must give warning prior to firing upon someone in the act of walking upon your property.

10. May only kill people that are a threat or on property during a raid.

11. No racism, minging, disrespecting other players or admins, trolling, advertising, spamming of chat or mic, griefing, or constant complaining.

12. No abuse of OOC or Advert. Meaning use advert for rp reasons only as well as not complaining about servers issues in OOC.

13. No hacking, exploiting, botting or scripting.

14. No building in base during raids.

15. Must have RP reason to kill a cop.

16. Gangs may not team up they are different gangs for a reason.

17. No baiting cops.

18. No blowing up cars randomly.

19. Do not put vehicles in an non RP place. Meaning do not drive your vehicle into a building unless it is a garage.

20. Must wait 30 minutes before raiding the same building.

21. Must own all doors if you plan on using multiple properties as a base.

22. Any damage done to another persons property initiates a raid.

23. Kidnappings of mayore must wait 15 minutes between kidnappings, Ransom can be a max of $5,000.